Eva Håkansson - with passion for electric drive

Eva Håkansson - with passion for electric drive

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--- WORLD RECORD! :-D ---

Blog - in EnglishPosted by Eva Håkansson 20 Dec, 2011 18:11:22
The FIM speed record for KillaJoule is confirmed! We now hold an official World Record! :-D 138.036 MPH (222 km/h) over the flying mile and 138.055 MPH over the flying kilometer. The official class designation is "Category I/Group B1/Streamliner/Electric/over 300 kg", which simply means an electric streamliner sidecar motorcycle over 300 kg without the rider.

For FIM's neat little fee of $350 I got the fancy certificates below (and I get into the FIM record book, which is posted somewhere on the Internet but almost impossible to find... I believe this is the record book, but it doesn't seem to be updated at the time of writing. http://www.fim-live.com/en/sport/world-records-attempts/events/ )

Many, many thanks to all sponsors, supporters and crew - without you it wouldn't have been possible!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Racing Year!
Let's go really fast in 2012! :-)