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--- KillaCycle back on track with new record! ---

Blog - in EnglishPosted by Eva Håkansson 08 Apr, 2012 22:33:23
KillaCycle is back on track with a brand new battery pack, and started the season by setting a new, minor record.

KillaCycle had its season premiere today at Bandimere Speedway, Denver, CO. Piloted by Pro-Stock rider Scotty Pollacheck and with a brand new, prototype battery pack with A123Systems "Formula 1" cells, KillaCycle is back into the 7's. A brand new, lightweight, and ultra sticky M&H Racemaster tire gave the necessary grip.

The new pack weighs 70 lb, has a voltage of 264 V and puts out about 600 HP. The "Formula 1" cells are manufactured by A123Systems and were developed for the Formula 1 KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems). They are the most powerful battery cells ever in series manufacturing.

The lower voltage puts KillaCycle in the lower "A" voltage category instead of "A3". The new pack has made KillaCycle 148 lb lighter, and it weighs now 505 lb instead of 653 lb.

Scotty did a 8.159s @ 166.66 MPH (268 km/h) and backed it up with a 7.984s @ 174.48 MPH (280 km/h). This is makes it the new record in the NEDRA DMC-A class (Drag Motorcycle, 241-300 V). The record will be the slower 8.159s @ 166.66 MPH time since there is more than 1 % difference between the two times. The record in this class was previously held by Jeff Disinger with the "Predator" bike. (The new record is still pending ratification from NEDRA).

Thanks to Boulder Nissan that organized this pre-season track day and thanks to Sporty, Jeff, Larry and all the other Bandimere folks for the awesome track prep!

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