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Eva Håkansson - with passion for electric drive

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-- Lovely Land Speed racing at Loring ---

Blog - in EnglishPosted by Eva Håkansson 14 Jul, 2012 04:56:35
Having a great time at Loring. Most racer-friendly land speed event imaginable. Most sensible, thorough and friendly tech-inspection we ever had. As any Bonneville land speed racer will tell you, tech inspection is in best case painful and can be horrible. Not so at Loring. They want you to be safe, for sure, but they are not out to prove how smart they are or how stupid you are. Totally professional. No big egos. We are definitely coming back.

Track is great and they are doing their very best to efficiently get as many racers down the track as possible. We have lost count how many time the race officials have come by and asked us with a smile "Is everything going OK? Are you having fun?".

All the local racers have come over to welcome us and introduce themselves. Including the Bill Warner, the world's fastest man on a sit-on motorcycle (311 MPH, last year here at Loring).

The only thing that hasn't been perfect is the weather. Racing started a bit after noon and we only got our "Rookie" run at partial power before it started to rain. However, 139 MPH was a perfect shake-down and we are ready for full throttle tomorrow.

Video: "Monkey's" eye view of 139 MPH Rookie/Licensing run.
Well, KillaJoule has lead plates a GoPro camera instead of a "monkey" on the sidecar, but this is what you would see if you were the sidecar passenger (a.k.a. "monkey").

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