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Eva Håkansson - with passion for electric drive

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KillaJoule National Champion again!

Blog - in EnglishPosted by Eva Håkansson 03 Mar, 2013 01:02:15
The National Champion medallion 2012 from AMA just arrived in the mail. Since KillaJoule is alone in its class (Electric Sidecar Streamliner motorcycles over 300 kg), it wasn't a big surprise that it is the national champion... However, 216.504 MPH (348 km/h) registered top speed an an official record of 191.488 MPH (308 km/h) is nothing to be ashamed off.

Above is my co-pilot Bonnie S. Flats with all the trophies that KillaJoule received during 2012:
- Many thanks to Erin Hunter and SheEmoto for the beautiful glass trophy for the "Female Rider of the Year" at BUB at Bonneville. In addition to the trophy I received $1000 that of course will be used to make KillaJoule even faster!
- Many thanks to Bakker Motorsports for $500 and the "Fastest Sidecar" Award at BUB.
- Thanks AMA for the medallion and placard.
- Thanks to N.N.S.C. of Maine for the trophies for "Best in Show" and "Longest Distance" Awards at Loring land speed event.

The collection is still missing one of those red "200 MPH" hats that you get when you set a record over 200 mph. Let's plan on that for 2013! ;-)

// Eva