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Eva Håkansson - with passion for electric drive

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ElectroCat at the track!

Blog - in EnglishPosted by Eva Håkansson 07 Jul, 2009 01:25:53

ElectroCat made her first entrance at the track, or at least her first as electric, at Las Vegas Speedway June 20-21.

Picture: ElectroCat and KillaCycle at Las Vegas Speedway. Note the awesome CumminsOnan Quiet BioDiesel Hybrid power system in the background. The generator is so silent that we couldn't hear it run at the track. And the BioDiesel exhaust smells like cooking oil! ;-)

KillaCycle headlined this drag racing event, and ElectroCat got the honor to be the pit bike. It is fantastic to ride around noiseless in the pits. The only problem is to get people to move out of your way. With top fuel drag racing in the background, it is hard to hear an electric motorcycle sneaking up behind.

If everything goes as planned, ElectroCat will make her first real entrance on the strip at the Wayland Invitational at Portland International Raceway July 24-25. KillaCycle is of course the big star at the all-electric drag racing event, but I think that ElectroCat will draw some attention too.

Hope to see you there!

More info about the Wayland Invitational, Portland International Raceway on the National Electric Drag Racing Association's website.