Eva Håkansson - with passion for electric drive

Eva Håkansson - with passion for electric drive

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University of Denver - here I come!

Blog - in EnglishPosted by Eva Håkansson 05 Nov, 2009 23:53:39

Once in a while - dreams come true! My dream has just came true - I will start as a Graduate Student in Mechanical Engineering at University of Denver (DU) in January! smiley

I will share my time between studies and reseach - can it be any better!? My research project isn't completely nailed yet - so if you have anything exciting about electric vehicles or related areas - I am very interested!

I am very, very much looking forward to studying at DU. The atmosphere and attitude at DU is extremly friendly and professional and there is a lot of focus on research, which is completey opposite of the universites I have attended before. DU have a nice machine shop, nice labs and even a large dyno for testing motors and engines. I can see tons of possiblities.

My largest dream is do research and development related to electric racing, but at the moment I haven't found any funding for that. But no matter what reseach project I end up working with, I am sure it will be lots of fun and very exciting.

Picture: ElectroCat at the center of attention at DU's annual Engineering Day October 23. I was one of the speakers, emphasizing the value in doing practical projects (like building your own motorcycle). Photo by Renee Teixeira.