Eva Håkansson - with passion for electric drive

Eva Håkansson - with passion for electric drive

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---- KillaJoule - Time for some paint ----

Blog - in EnglishPosted by Eva Håkansson 13 Aug, 2011 20:52:39
The BUB Speed Trials is coming up in two weeks (Aug 27th - Sep 1st), and it is time for our gorgeous new composite skin to get some nice red paint. Since racing keeps us poor, we unfortunately can't afford to hire it done.

With a $115 party tent from eBay as our paint box, $106 of automotive paint from Sherwin-Williams (thanks for the 10 % discount!!!) and a $40 spray gun we will do it ourselves (and I will get a chance to learn to paint ;-).

Picture: Painting in progress. Bill has done spray painting before, and I am watching and learning.

If you want to do world class racing and compete with million dollar teams on a governmental salary, you have to find low budget ways to solve problems. An expensive paint job doesn't make it any faster, however it has to look decent since racing is show business and the sponsors don't like if it looks too crappy. Rattle can was out of the question for the bodywork (but it was in the emergency plan, and still is since the painting isn't finished yet).

The plan is to paint the frame nicely too next year. The rattle can looks OK, but you can scrape off the paint with your finger nail and I am tired of having to re-paint parts all the time... Now when I have the party tent and the spray gun, it shouldn't be too difficult to get a nice looking frame too. ;-)